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Martini Loofah Stick Brush 404563

54.95 SAR
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Product Description:

Try this Martini Loofah Stick Brush to add a spark to your normal bathing routine. While bathing, it is difficult for our hands to reach every corner of the body efficiently and hence areas around the center and lower ends of our back are left less cared for. Well, not anymore! This Martini loofah with a stick is the perfect tool for you as it helps you provide care to every nook and corner of the body. Not only this, but the gentle exfoliating effect of this bathing brush also helps you get rid of dry and dead skin cells while giving you a newfound radiant skin afterward. It also helps you get an instant lathery action on your body while bathing without any extra effort. Try this effective and practical bathing product and experience an uncharted level of comfort and luxury along with great cleansing.

  • Revitalizing massage brush equipped with natural bristles
  • Comfortable brush grip with a beech wood finish
  • Exfoliates gently for deep cleaning and reenergizes skin

How to use:

  • Add water to the brush and strategically massage your body by rubbing the brush all over
  • You can add a bit of shower gel to the brush to create a lather for an extra cleansing after effect
  • The rubbing of the shower gel with this loofah will activate its particles and leave you with an energized feeling throughout the day with an amazing smell
  • Wash thoroughly to get rid of all the lather and you are all set to go

Caution & Warnings:

Due to high bristle density, this bathing brush can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Do not forget to wash it off properly after every use. Let it dry out in the sun to facilitate maximum hygiene.

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  • Manufacturer: Martini
  • Product form: Loofah