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Martini Sponge Stone Shape With Activated Charcoal

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Product Description:

Martini Spa has been producing accessories and sponges for body and face care for 50 years. It’s a leader in the Italian body care accessories market.

As the name suggests, Martini Stone Shape Sponge with Activated Charcoal is enriched with active carbon. It’s one of the company’s most innovative collections and can be termed a purity elixir. Over the past few years, charcoal products have been making huge waves in the beauty industry. Using such products daily enables the skin to regain its natural softness and glow.

In the Martini stone shape sponge, the activated charcoal works like a magnet — it absorbs the sebum (the oily and waxy substance on the skin), draws impurities out of the skin, exfoliates, softens, and soothes the skin, and leaves it clean, refreshed, hydrated and glowing. Respecting the environment has been one of Martini Spa’s vision for healthy and sustainable growth. As such, the company uses natural raw materials and renewable energy sources for all its processes and production activities.

If you still haven’t discovered the magic of activated charcoal on your face, body, and feet, go for Martini stone shape sponge. Don’t go by its looks — the exfoliating stone sponge may appear rough, but it will give you an extremely gentle cleanse. So, get set to pamper and purify your skin with this trusted scrubbing tool.

The sponge is portable, lightweight, and easy to carry
It is ideal to remove dirt and impurities from skins, thanks to its formulation
The material has highly absorbent and detoxifying properties, and it deep-cleanses the skin
It removes all superficial impurity from the surface of the skin
You can remove dead skin using the stone sponge, making your skin feel smooth
The sponge balances the skin’s natural pH-value
Due to its special shape, you can have a comfortable grip of the stone sponge, facilitating the removal of skin impurities
The product is dermatologically tested
It’s suitable for all ages and even gentle on sensitive skin
Due to its eco-friendly nature, you can pamper your skin while saving the planet

How to use:

Wet the sponge before each use

Massage it gently onto the skin, preferably in circular motions

Rinse the sponge thoroughly after every use

Allow the sponge to air dry

Caution & Warnings:

Though the product is hypoallergenic, which, in other words, means it’s relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction, still it’s better to be careful and test the product on a small part of your skin while using it for the first time

Avoid placing the sponge in a moist environment, this may shorten its life

Keep away from children

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  • Manufacturer: Martini
  • Product form: Loofah