Medisana Glass Body Analysis Scale Psm

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Product Description

High-grade stainless steel electrodes. Large, easy-to-read LCD display. 8 mm thick safety glass. Convenient step-on switch. Automatic switch-off after 8 seconds. High-quality stainless steel electrodes. 10 memory spaces. Toggles between kg, lb and st. Measurement of weight, body fat, body water and muscle mass. Maximal load capacity: 180 kg

How to use:

• Always measure barefoot.
• The feet must have good contact with the electrodes on the standing area.
• Stand upright.
• Carry out the measurement approximately 15 minutes after getting up, or after bathing or showering, with towel-dried feet.
• Please measure at the same time of day if possible.
• Do not measure after strenuous physical exercise. Wait at least an hour before measuring.
• There must not be any dirt stuck to the soles of your feet. Erroneous measuring results may occur if the soles of your feet are dry or extremely callused. The amount of body fat, water content and muscle mass can only be reliably monitored using the measurements if they are taken consistently. Measurements that are taken under varying
conditions can return different values.

Warning and cautions:

Use the device only according to its intended purpose as specified in the instruction manual.
• The warranty will be invalidated if the device is used for purposes other than those for which it is intended.
• This device is not suitable for pregnant women
• Weighing only is no problem, but bodyfat analysis should be avoided for children because of the current impulse. This impulse flows through the body during the bodyfat measurement process.
• These scales are not suitable for people with pacemakers or other medical implants. The body fat information may be inaccurate in people with diabetes or other medicalphysical limitations. The same also applies to very highly trained athletes.
• Do not use the device if it is not working correctly, if it has been dropped or has fallen into water or has been damaged.


أقطاب عالية الجودة من الفولاذ المقاوم للصدأ، شاشة ليد كبيرة وسهلة القراءة. زجاج أمان بسمك 8 ملم .زر يسهل تشغيله بالوقوف عليه، إيقاف تلقائي بعد 8 ثوان، 10 مساحات للذاكرة، تبديل بين الكيلوغرام والرطل والستون، قياس الوزن، والدهون في الجسم، ومياه الجسم وكتلة العضلات،
الحمولة القصوى: 180 كلغ

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