Nahdi Cooling Plaster Neonate 0-2 years 6 pcs

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Product Description:

The newly born babies and small kids quite frequently fall sick or catch fever along with irritation and pain, but with the all-new Nahdi Cooling Plaster Neonate 0-2 years, 6 pcs it is very easy for the parents to handle such situations. These cooling patches are gel-based which makes it very effective and is suitable for babies from 0 to 2 years of age.

It is mainly effective against hot flash, headache relief, migraine pain and also helps in bringing down the temperature during fever and ease out the pain for the babies

The gel used is clinically tested and its composition is harmless for the baby’s soft skin

The front part of the patch consists of an anti-sticking layer below which lies the gel which is nontoxic, low density, and pure in quality

The pH level of the gel is neutral, moderate viscosity, and no stimulation which makes it gentle for the baby’s skin

The backside of the patch is waterproof and antibacterial.

The patch is also flexible and soft touch

The gel used has extracts and medicinal benefits of menthol and cooling effects of borneol which soothes toothache, fever, etc

It is convenient and portable so it can be used at home while traveling, or anywhere at the time of need

The patches do not require any refrigeration thus it provides immediate cooling and maximizes comfort in the time of need

As it is drug-free so it is safe for the children and can also be used along with medication or in conjunction with your regular treatment

The soft flexible patches are easy to put and it stays intact in place comfortably for long hours (8 - 10 hours)

It is not messy or greasy

Apart from its benefits the patches are environmentally friendly also as it is made of disposable material

The great adhesive on the back layer improves its quality and that would lessen the chances of the pack to fall off and after removal, it also does not leave any sticky residue on the skin

How to use:

First of all, open the foil sachet and take out a cooling gel sheet

Then, peel off the transparent film from the back of the gel sheet

Now, apply the cooling patch to the desired or affected area

After applying the get sheet carefully leave it until the baby feels better or until the pain or the fever has been relieved

Caution & Warnings:

The gel is not for ingestion and is suitable for external use only

It is not a replacement for medication. Consult a doctor if the conditions do not improve after applying it with 1 or 2 days

For effective results, one sheet should be used only once

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  • Manufacturer: Nahdi