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Nahdi Cotton Buds In Square Case 200 pcs

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Product Description:

Cotton Buds are the basic essential product for your daily use. It is an all-purpose product made with 100% soft cotton. The swabs are highly absorbent and are ideal for babies. It helps to clean in between the folds of the baby's skin where moisture tends to accumulate. It is best used to clean your ear canal which is an extremely sensitive area and remove the earwax making you feel easy and relaxed. Nahdi uses all-natural and high-quality cotton. It is easy and safe to use for your everyday purpose. They can be used for applying cream or ointment on your skin. Cotton buds are amazing for makeup removal as well as areas near your eyes. A clean swab dipped in makeup remover makes it easy to reach the inner corners of eyes. It also helps to remove the excess nail paint you get near the nail cuticle. These buds are extremely soft, handy, lightweight and easy to use. 

Nahdi Cotton Buds are available in a square case of 200 pieces. The case fits easily into your handbag or diaper bag for any time anywhere use. Also, a sturdy case helps you to store the buds in the best hygienic way free form dust and moisture.

Nahdi Cotton Buds is an all-purpose cotton swab

It is available in a square plastic case of 200 pcs

Only 100% pure soft cotton is used to make the product

It is a double-tipped swab

The cotton tip has high absorbency

It helps to remove earwax with great ease

It is also trusted and widely used for babies

The cotton tip is soft and gentle which makes it easy to use for sensitive areas

It is available in a compact and sturdy square case which makes it easy to store

The product is hygienic and safe to use

How to use:

The most common use is for earwax. Use the bud to gently clean your ear canal and remove the excess earwax

It can be used for babies for cleaning ears, nose, mouth and navel

Use the cotton swab for applying or removing makeup

It can be used to apply medicine to cuts

It can be used for creativity as well like painting, arts and crafts etc.

Caution & Warnings:

Wash your hands before using the swab

Do not touch the cotton tips for hygienic reasons

Keep it away from the eyes

Store it in a cool dry place, away from moisture

Always close the lid, to avoid dust getting into it

Adults supervision is recommended for children below 6 years of age

Use it gently into your ears, do not push hard

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  • Manufacturer: Nahdi
  • Product form: Cotton Buds