Nahdi Double Electric Breast Pump

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Product Description:

  • Some mothers want to repeat the “Stimulation” and “Suction” progress during suction, in order to acquire second suction reflex, you can choose one to five stimulation mode to “ Stimulation”.
  • If you want to normal suction, can switch to suction mode to choose 9-1 to sucking.
  • After finish suction, please turn off the breast pump, and remove the accessories.
    The new shell electric breast pump incorporates a double-rhythmic breast pump mode - based on professional research to simulate baby suck rhythm breast pump technology.
  • Stimulate lactation (there are five fast-stimulating lactation) Fast and intensive tempo to stimulate milk outflow.
  • Regular breast pump (suction - release - stop breast-pumping rhythm) Moderate rhythm to moderate and effective aspiration of milk.

Product Features:

  1. This product adopt stimulation mode and suction mode, can adjust suction level until you feel comfortable.
  2. LCD display, working interface at a glance.
  3. The built-in lithium battery can be charged for 120 minutes and used for about 60 minutes. (Do not remove the built-in lithium batteries).
  4. USB power supply mode, can support AC adaptor/computer/ power bank, east to carry.
  5. Anti-back flow design, don't have to worry about milk will put back the clock and damage the host when using.

How to use:

  1. Wash and sterilize your breast pump before using. Please make sure the electric breast pump has been assembled correct according to the instructions. Wash your hands thoroughly before use, hot compress and massage the breast, after massage, sitting upright and leaning slightly forward (cannot lie, cannot tilt the breast pump). Place the silicone massage of the breast pump is in the center on the nipple, make sure no air coming in, assure the normal suction power.
  2. on/off button, put through power supply, long press on/off button start working, long press it again turn off. Automatic turn into stimulation level 1, increase 1 level every 45 seconds, level 5 is highest. Single use mode and double use mode switch button, automatic turn into single stimulation , and press to change to double stimulation, press it again is single stimulation, and so on. Stimulation and expression switch button, automatic turn into stimulation, and press this button to change to expression, press it again is stimulation, and so on. Suction adjustment button, high level means high suction. Users can adjust the suction to suit your comfort.
  3. Power button (the display of power shows one grid and with flashing, remind users to charge, automatic turn off when power is too low); charging, power display will appear flashing light state, when the battery is full, shows full power. Working time display, automatic turn off after 30 minutes; Suction level, increase or decrease the level by “ + ” “ - ” (stimulation mode 1-5 level, expression mode 1-9 level).
  4. Single use mode: please insert the PVC one side to pump body, another side insert to pump "single" jack, long press on/off button start working, automatic turn into single stimulation. Double use mode: please insert the two PVC one side to pump body, another side insert to pump two jack, long press on/off button start working, automatic turn into single stimulation, then please press to double use.
  5. Users can adjust the suction to suit your comfort. (As research, it will take less time to pump more milk with most comfortable suction power.)

Friendly reminder: Do not fill the bottle with too much milk, cannot pass the maximum capacity of the bottle, if too much milk in the bottle, milk will flow from the bilateral porosity of the pump body, please turn off the machine and stop sucking, replace the bottle to continue sucking. If you find each time’s sucking milk volume is pass current bottle, please replace larger bottle.

Note: This breast pump will automatic turn off after working 30 minutes, should under room temperature. Please remove the parts if long time no use.

Caution & Warnings:

  1. Read all instructions before use .
  2. Please pay attention to the correct pole of the battery , so as not to occur conflagration; When use the adapter, please use the correct voltage (100V-240V ,DC 5v,2A).
  3. Only use the mains adapter that comes with Nahdi electric breast pump. Nahdi will not bear any responsibility for the defects which is caused by other charging equipment.
  4. Built-in lithium battery, when not in use, please charge the battery (about 2 hours full, the default working time of breast aspirator is 30 minutes automatically) Shutdown)
  5. Do not immerse motor unit in water or clean with wet sponge or cloth .
  6. Keep all components out of each of children . Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance . Keep the breast pump out of reach of children to avoid being entangled by USB cables or swallowing small parts.
  7. Always unplug from mains when not in use.
  8. This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge , unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety .
  9. The time required for the ME equipment to warm from the minimum storage temperature (-10℃) between uses until the ME equipment is ready for its intended use when the ambient temperature is 40℃. It can use during one hour.
  10. The working life for device and other accessories is 1 year.
  11. Please store in a cool and dry place , heating from a fireplace or radiant heater , moisture from a nebulizer or steam kettle that can potentially cause interference problems.
  12. This product must be fully charged before the first use; Do not charge the battery pack for a long time; Batteries must be removed from the appliance before discarding it; Lithium battery can only be replaced by Nahdi or an authorized service provider. There is an explosion risk if the battery is replaced with the wrong model. Dispose of discarded battery or battery pack according to national environmental protection regulations.(note: if the lithium battery is not used for a long time, it will cause the battery to be deep discharged. If the breast pump was crashed, it needs to be plugged into the power supply for activation. Wait for about 10 minutes for the screen to light up to continue charging. If the battery is not activated for more than half an hour, please consult the customer service.)
  13. Please feel freely contact the MANUFACTURER or MANUFACTURER'S representative on the following issues: - Assistance in setting up, using, or maintaining the ME EQUIPMENT or ME SYSTEM when needed, - or to report unexpected operation or events.
  14. Please use the adapter come with this product, do not connect other factory's adapter to this pump to avoid damage.
  15. Do not modify the device without authorization of the manufacturer. This could cause improper functioning. 16. The adapter is only used in Nahdi electric breast pump products. If the adapter is used for charging other electrical products and causing electrical damage, the company will not be liable and compensate for it.
  16. If the DC adapter is damaged, please choose the same type of adapter with the same output voltage and current, or it is repaired and replaced by professionals.
  17. Do not replaced the battery by yourself, otherwise incorrect replacement of the battery will result in battery damage, even fire, explosion. If necessary, please feel free to contact our customer service staff and it will be repaired or replaced by our qualified personnel.
  18. Do not position the equipment so that it is difficult to operate the disconnecting device (disconnecting device: Plug of adapter)
  19. Keep charging and discharging until three continuous discharging capacity less than 80% of the initialdischarging capacity. Cycle times ≥ 300 times.


  • Upper cover
  • Suction silicone
  • Pumpbody
  • Massage shield
  • Hygiene cover
  • Valve
  • Membrane
  • Bottle cover
  • Nipple
  • Screw cover
  • Bottle stand
  • Bottle
  • Motor
  • PVC connector
  • PVC tubing
  • USB line
  • AC adaptor
  • Manual
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  • Manufacturer: Nahdi
  • Product form: Electrical Breast Pump
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