Nuby Nasal Aspirator For Nose & Ear Syringe 172

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Product Description

Nuby nasal aspirator with ear syringe set. Soft Purtex tip is safe and gentle to baby's nose and ears. The paediatrician-recommended method for the immediate relief of nasal congestion in infants is aspiration.
• Hygienic and easy to use.
• BPA free, Non-toxic material.
• Unique design to allow repeated suction.
• Soft silicone suction head.
• Easy to clean before and after use.
Age: Suitable from birth.

How to use:
This simple, effective procedure uses the gentle suction provided by first squeezing the bulb portion of the aspirator then placing the end gently against baby's nostril and releasing the pressure on the bulb.
Clear any matter from the tip after each suction.

How to use:

Always hold baby in your arms while using the nose cleaner. While support baby inert the tip of the nose cleaner nozzle into baby nostril. THE BULB MUST BE COMPRESSED FIRST BEFORE PLACING THE NUZZLE INTO THE BABY’S NOSTRIL. At first suction slowly while making adjustment.

Warning and cautions:

Never compress rubber pump while soft nozzle is inserted in baby's nostril.


BPA Free

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