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Omron Digital Scale HN286

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Product Description:
    • The OMRON HN286 Digital Personal Scale is ideal for monitoring your weight at home.
    • The accuracy of this weighing scale means that it will detect even slight weight changes, as small as 100 g
    •  Enjoy 4-sensor technology and get the highest accuracy.
    • With the sleek, flat design (just 1.8 cm) with safety glass, these scales will look stylish in any bathroom.

      Product Features:
      • Precision display to the closest 100 grams
      • Tempered glass for safety

      Large LCD and Backlight :

      • The weighing scale has an illuminated large LCD panel with a black font which is easy to read while standing on the machine.
      • The readings stay displayed for 10 seconds and blinks before switching off, so you have ample time to record your weight.

      Easy to Use :

      • Skip the lengthy tap on the process, just step on the weight machine, and results are instantly displayed.

      Sleek and Trendy Designs :

      • This body weight machine has a digital display of compact size and super light in weight.It has a large LCD panel which is easy to read while standing on the machine.

      Silver Coated Tempered Glass :

      • Digital scale has a silver coated tempered glass which makes it more durable and non-fragile.

      How to Use :

      • When you stand on your scale it will start working automatically.
      • Place your scale on a hard surface, such as a tile or ceramic floor.
      • Placing your weight scale on a level surface also helps ensure an accurate reading.
      • Make it known to your family that it is your scale and is for your use only.
      • it is always better to use your scale first thing in the morning before you have consumed anything.

      Product Specifications :

      • Brand: Omron 
      • Product Type: Digital Personal Scale.
      • Model: HN286 
      • Power: Battery
      • Battery: 1x CR2032 (Included )
      • Weight: Yes
      • Increments (g) :100.00
      • Maximum Weight Capacity (kg) :180.00
      • On/Off Technology: Auto On/Off
      • Device Weight (g) :1,500.00
      • Item Dimensions (mm) :300 x 300 x 18

      This Kit Contains :

      • 1×HN286 Scale
      • 1x CR2032 Battery
      • 1× Instruction Manual

      Caution & Warnings:

      • Use the device only according to its intended purpose as specified in the instruction manual.
      • The warranty will be invalidated if the device is used for purposes other than those for which it is intended.
      • The scale has been manufactured for domestic use. It is not suitable for commercial use in hospitals or other medical institutions.
      • Any treatment or diet for people who are underweight or overweight requires the qualified advice of a professional doctor, dietician. The values determined with the scales may be a source of useful support.
      • This device is not suitable for pregnant women
      • These scales are not suitable for people with pacemakers or other medical implants.
      • The body fat information may be inaccurate in people with diabetes or other medical physical limitations. The same also applies to very highly trained athletes.
      • This device is not designed to be used by persons including children with limited physical, sensory, or mental abilities, or by persons with insufficient experience or knowledge, unless under observation by a person responsible for their safety, or unless they have been instructed in the use of the device.
      • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.
      • Do not use the device if it is not working correctly if it has been dropped or has fallen into water or has been damaged.
      • Do not use the scale in a location where extremely high temperatures or humidity may occur.

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      • Manufacturer: Omron
      • Product form: Weighing Scales
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