Oral-B Dental Floss Essential Unwaxed

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Product Description:

Dental floss Oral-B® Superfloss.
Ideal for braces, bridges and wide spaces.
Stiffened end to floss under appliances.
Spongy-floss to clean around appliances and in wide spaces.
Regular floss to remove plaque under gumline.
5 pre-cut strands.Directions for use - Bridges, braces, implants and wide spaces: Using the stiffened end, thread the spongy-floss between teeth and appliance or through wide spaces.
Use a soft back-and-forth motion to remove bacterial plaque.
Pull the spongy-floss through to the regular floss section.
Gently slide the regular floss under the gumline.
Use an up-and-down motion to remove plaque.
Regular teeth: Gently slide regular floss between teeth and under the gumline.
Clean under the gumline as directed above.

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