Orex Interdental Brushes 0.45 mm 6 pcs

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Product Description:

Did you know that gum disease usually begins in the spaces between the teeth? That’s why it is extremely important to clean these areas. Orex Interdental Brush is a small brush specially designed to clean between your teeth, where a regular toothbrush does not reach. Made with 0.45 mm plastic, Orex Interdental Brush does not hurt the gums or damage the natural enamel. It helps to prevent gum disease by getting rid of pieces of food and plaque from between your teeth. It is the easy-to-use alternative to floss, that will also keep your mouth healthy and prevent gum inflammation and cavities. Make it a daily routine to brush between your teeth with Orex Interdental Brushes and your teeth will thank you later. They all have soft, ergonomic handles and are easy to guide around the mouth. The gentle bristles deliver a pleasant, deeper clean. Orex Interdental brushes can also be used for cleaning implants and orthodontic appliances.


  • Unique design that combines the qualities of toothpick and floss which is much safer for teeth.
  • Suitable for those with braces, bridges, crowns, and dental implants, also useful for people with advanced bone loss.
  • Made with 0.45 mm of plastic, Orex Interdental Brushes are extremely flexible and are easier to use than dental floss.
  • Promotes healthy gums by removing food and plaque stuck between teeth.
  • Orex Interdental Brush is reusable and can easily fit in your travel case.

How to use:

  • Choose the size that suits your needs and fits between the gaps of your teeth.
  • To clean the front teeth, gently insert a straight interdental brush between your teeth.
  • Slowly move the full brush back and forth in each space a few times.
  • Spit out any food residue.
  • To clean the back teeth, gently curve or bend the bristles at an angle between 45 and 90 degrees.
  • Insert the angled interdental brush into the gaps between your back teeth.
  • Gradually move the full length of the brush, back and forth between the gaps.
  • Repeat the process for all teeth.
  • Similar to your toothbrush, you can reuse the Orex interdental brush multiple times.
  • You can use an interdental brush before or after brushing your teeth. Replace every few months or when the interdental brush wears out.
  • For best results, brush your teeth with Orex toothbrush and toothpaste. Complete your oral care with Orex mouth wash.

Caution & Warnings:

  • Do not force the brush into any spaces
  • Do not move the brush rigorously between the teeth
  • Do not use a worn-out interdental brush
  • Bending and straightening of the brush multiple times may lead to breakage. Use separate interdental brushes for the font (straight brush) and back (bend a straight at an angle) teeth
  • Choose a size that fits your interdental gaps
  • Choking hazard: Keep away from the reach of children and pets
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  • Manufacturer: Orex
  • Product form: Interdental Brush