Papermints Mouth Strips Fresh Strawberry 24 pcs

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Product Description:

Food is irresistible. Whenever you notice anything delicious, you can’t resist gorging on to it. However, brushing your teeth after every meal is impossible. Hence, what is the next best option to keep your mouth fresh and healthy? Papermints Mouth Strips Fresh Strawberry!

With this product, you can take care of your oral hygiene at any time of the day. It guarantees you with instant freshness, too. You can rely on the mouth strips entirely! 

The product provides the ultimate result, and most importantly, you can use it anywhere, in the office, cafeteria, or while traveling. Worry no longer about bad breath, for this pocket-friendly mouth strips can be your savior! 

This product is mint flavored with the essence of strawberry; therefore, it tastes delicious.

This edible mouth strip is not a gum, and one need not worry even if it gets swallowed.

It dissolves instantly and works to give the desired result.

Containing zero sugar, this product can be used by older people as well.

The freshness provided by the mouth strip stays long and now, even longer! Featuring four-hour freshness, this strawberry breath freshener is the most reliable choice.

Regular usage can not only improve the breath but also ensure good oral hygiene to an extent. 

Are you worried if the consumption might cost you extra pounds? Stress no longer, as this Papermints product contains zero calories.

Kills almost all the bacteria causing bad breath and ensures a fresh outburst of strawberry.

It comes in a handy and easy to carry stylish packaging. Let freshness be your constant companion all day through!

The packet consists of twenty-four pieces of breath fresheners.

How to use:

Remove the flap of the mouth strips and push the vial from the front. 

Take the preferred number of strips and place them on your tongue.

Enjoy it!

Experience the richness of strawberry and instant freshness in your breath.

It is recommended that the product be consumed within three days after opening the sealed punch.

Caution & Warnings:

Keep away from the reach of children as there are chances of choking hazards and ingestion

Check for the expiry date before using it

If found allergic to any of the ingredients of the mouth strip, refrain from using the product

Do not expose the mouth freshener to sunlight and moisture

Store in a cool, dry place

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  • Manufacturer: Papermints
  • Product form: Strips
  • Flavor: Strawberry