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Parsa Sponge Set, 3pcs.

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Product description:

  • The sponge has a pinched center to give you a better grip and control.
  • This shape is also ideal for applying highlighters and blushes.
  • It is easy to pick up and will not deform after a few uses.
  • The unique material makes professional powder & make-up egg soft as well as bouncy provides you with a smooth and even blend.
  • The unique egg shape provides you with a flawless, streak-free foundation application.
  • It also has a precision point that’s ideal for tight areas like the eyes and corners of the nose.
  • Fully soak it, squeeze out excess water, it will grow to about twice normal size and it’ll have your makeup going on like a second skin.
  • It's a great option to leave you a natural-looking and fresh appearance.
  • Suitable for all kinds of cosmetics including foundation, bb cream, concealer, etc.
  • It expands very well and is super soft, helping you create a flawless application and matte finish.
  • The unique shape and exclusive material ensure streak-free application with minimum product waste.
  • When wet, the super-soft material provides an even, smooth blend and bounce.
  • The large, rounded surface area ensures a quick application while the contoured tip offers precision

How to use:

  • Slightly moisten the make-up sponge before application.
  • This uses less product and makes the application finer.

Cautions & warnings:

  • Wash with water & mild soap.
  • It should be replaced every one-to-three month depending on their frequency of use and how well they’re cared for.
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  • Manufacturer: Parsa