Priorin N Rstorative For Hair 90 Capsules​

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Product Description

  • Priorin Capsules are a solution for treating hair loss. Made in Germany, the holistic treatment inspired by nature and powered by science, works from the root to the outside, providing essential nutrients and building blocks to maintain healthy
  • One of the main ingredients is Wheat germ oil, it contains vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids along side Cystine which is a protein constituent
N 90 Capsules N 90 Capsules
  • These ingredients, combined with calcium pantothenate, stimulate hair growth and ensure the well-being of the scalp
  • Use Priorin Capsules when you want to achieve strong looking hair. The effects of this hair growth supplement have been scientifically tested to show that Priorin Capsules promote hair growth from within and reduce hair loss within 12 weeks of regular use

Scientifically Proven

Scientifically tested Priorin capsules promote hair growth from within and reduce hair loss after 12 weeks of use, with visible results of stronger hair.

Beautiful Hair From Within

Priorin is a holistic hair treatment which works from the inside out, providing essential nutrients and building blocks to maintain healthy hair. Priorin is a restorative product for hair that contains extracts of golden millet, wheat germ oil, cystine and calcium pantothenate which are rich in vitamins and minerals which have long been used in traditional medicines for hair rejuvenation.

Priorin's Mission

In a world of unrealistic expectations, we exist to empower people to reach their true potential.Hair is an integral part of appearance and personality, especially for women. Some call it 'the woman‘s crown,' a symbol of beauty and personality, reflecting health, as well as psychological and general wellbeing. Priorin consists of substances which contribute to hair and nail growth.

Features and benefits:

  • The formula works from the root to the outside, directly targeting the hair roots with natural ingredients
  • A scientifically tested holistic hair treatment with essential nutrients and vitamins
  • Made with golden millet and wheat germ oil,  proven effective in solving hair problems
  • For comprehensive results, use Priorin N Capsules with the L Liquid and shampoo and try the power of three
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  • Manufacturer: Priorin
  • Product form: Capsules
  • Ingredients: Vitamin E, Cystine
  • Product function: Hair, Skin & Nails, Women's Health