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Priorin shampoo, revitalizing & volumising for oily hair, 200 ml​

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Product Description

  • Priorin shampoo for oily hair contains functional natural plant extracts which reinforce and revitalise the hairs structure to give you beautiful and healthy hair
  • The shampoo gently cares, cleans and revitalises lifeless hair giving you wanted volume and shine, while providing natural care that strengthens and nourishes
Oily 200ml Oily 200ml
  • The shampoo also contains essential amino acids obtained from apple juice, which are gentle ingredients for the scalp
  • Priorin Shampoo also contains vitamin B5 which has moisturising properties and aids proper hair nourishment

Natural Care for Stronger Hair

Priorin Shampoo for Oily Hair is formulated with natural plant extracts and vitamins to strengthen, volumise, and add shine. Plant derived glycoproteins, amino acids, and golden millet extract strengthen hair and nourish the scalp. Pro-Vitamin B5 helps moisturise hair while adding volume and brilliance.

Gentle Cleansing

Priorin Shampoo is paraben-free and colorant-free. It provides a gentle cleansing and is suitable for your daily hair care routine. Give your oily hair the volume and shine it deserves.

Priorin's Mission

In a world of unrealistic expectations, we exist to empower people to reach their true potential. Hair is an integral part of appearance and personality, especially for women. Some call it 'the woman‘s crown,' a symbol of beauty and personality, reflecting health, as well as psychological and general wellbeing. Priorin consists of substances which contribute to hair growth and let you bring out your strong hair so you can be yourself.

Features and benefits:

  • Priorin shampoo for oily hair cleans hair while giving volume and shine
  • A gentle volumising shampoo for oily hair
  • A hair care product with natural extracts that strengthen and nourish damaged hair
  • Glycoproteins, millet extract and essential amino acids reinforce and revitalise hair structure
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  • Manufacturer: 215101
  • Product form: 155968
  • Product function: 181488