Protein hair straightening treatment.. Is it safe?

Protein hair straightening treatment... Is it safe?

Lately, Keratin treatment became the most commonly used in hair straightening field. There are nearly one hundred and fifty types of hair straightening products available in the local and international markets. So how would you chose what is suitable for you and does not cause damages to your hair? How do hair straightening treatments work?

A single strand of hair is made of a helix chain of keratin protein in addition to Cysteine Amino Acid, Arginine and Glycine. The helix chain radiance determines the length of the hair strand and how straight it would be. Thus, the more bonds found among the parts of the hair strand the more waves it would have and the shorter it would be and vice versa.

The idea of hair treatments depends in general on rebuilding the protein cover of the hair which provides protection to the hair strand against any damages and gives it its shiny look. The treatment also works on breaking the sulfuric bonds found among the parts of the single hair strand which straightens the hair and increase its length and make its waves and curls disappear.

Protein Hair Treatment

Keratin pros and cons: This product cannot be applied to hair without applying other products to hold it firmly. Keratin cannot be harmful by itself to hair as it is one of its natural components. However, some of the chemicals used in hardening and holding the hair especially formalin (formaldehyde) and the high temperature used during the application is what causes the hair loss after the treatment for many users.

Protein treatment for hair straightening: It was necessary to innovate an easy way to enable the amino acids and the chemicals that are used in hair straightening to be delivered and fixing them without the need to use formaldehyde, thus protein treatment was invented. The treatment is based on delivering a number of amino acids such as keratin, Arginine and some other natural hair components that are lost due to unhealthy environmental factors that weaken and exhaust the hair. The treatment also delivers additional components that provide the lasting straight hair look such as Collagen and Silicon without the need to use the formalin.

Does protein treatment benefit the hair?

Proteins are chemical formulas made by bonding groups of amino acids. Those proteins are considered to be the building blocks of hair structure. Such proteins can be lost due to environmental and external factors that damage the hair especially heat (from different sources such as the sun or the hairdryer). This treatment aims to bring back the lost proteins from your hair to enable it to regain its healthy look and natural shininess which is not possible to do by providing nutrition alone. Therefore, it was necessary to deliver the lost components directly to hair follicles. Furthermore, the treatment also has additional beneficial components such as silicon and Argan oil that works to provide nutrition and protection to the hair strand.

How can I be certain that this product is formalin free?

Formalin cannot be hidden in the product as when it is heated with straightening iron to bond it to the hair a distinctive strong smell begins to appear and emit gases that cause nasal congestion and eyes irritation.

How protein treatment sessions are conducted?

The main idea does not differ from the keratin hair straightening process. It is based on applying the product after washing it with special shampoo and heating it using the hair dryer to get the product incorporated into the structure of the hair down to its roots, then the hair straightening process starts by using the hair iron (babyliss) with applying enough pull to spread the product entirely on the hair strand.

Does protein cause hair loss?

The formula uses natural ingredients that does not cause any hair loss. However, the user might suffer from hair loss after using the products for many reasons the most important of which are: the wrong application of the product such as using excessive amounts exceeding the needs of your hair can exhaust it, or by applying too much pulling force during the straitening process. Using shampoos that contain sodium chloride or sodium sulfate (common ingredients found in most shampoos available in the market) which can be substituted with special shampoos free from those ingredients. Letting the hair to be subject to salty water after treatment whither by swimming in the sea or swimming pools affect the treatment. Washing the hair immediately after the treatment and not waiting for the required period of time (two to three days) until the product starts showing the desired results or it would lose its main role which is to wrap the hair strands and protect. Also like most other products different types of hair vary in their response to the effectiveness of the product. Lately, Keratin treatment became the most commonly used in hair straightening field. There are nearly one hundred and fifty types of hair straightening products available in the local and international markets.


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