Rebotic Elbow Crutch Magic Twin 103

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Product Description:

  • If you are looking for the perfect aid to help you walk comfortably after an injury, or due to a disorder, joint pain, or simply due to old age, your search ends here! The Rebotic Elbow Crutch Magic Twin is your perfect walking aid! Rebotic's Elbow Crutch is an aluminum walking stick that supports your elbows and helps you in the process of walking after an injury.
  • For the elderly, it is a great walking stick that you can lean on for support. Your days of worry, lack of confidence while walking, and recovery post a medical procedure are now behind you with the Rebotic Elbow Crutch Magic Twin for your rescue!
  • The Rebotic Elbow Crutch Magic Twin is a walking stick with a modern design, which is great for regular use. The functional design of the stick has a comfortable elbow rest that provides additional support. 
  • The sleek design of the crutch makes it easy to store. The aluminum material makes it sturdy and reliable walking support for adults. The crutch comes in a free size, designed to be suitable for use for most adults using it. Rebotic Elbow Crutch Magic Twin, with its modern, functional, and sturdy design is extremely durable.
  • Elbow crutches work as a great accessory and support for walking. The Rebotic Elbow Crutch is useful for support while walking after a medical procedure or injury. The elbow crutch is also a great supportive accessory for older people who might feel less confident while walking due to old age. The modern design of the elbow crutch helps you use it with ease and mitigates the chance of imbalance while walking.
  • It is a crutch for the elderly and for recovering patients with an arm support detail to help you rest your elbow while walking.
  • The design is modern and the elbow piece provides absolute comfort.
  • The elbow crutch is made from aluminum.
  • It is suitable for all adults.
  • The crutch can be used as walking support after injuries or disorders or for those suffering from joint pain.

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  • Manufacturer: Rebotic
  • Product form: Aluminium Stick
  • Size: Free Size
  • Special features: Elbow Support