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Ronamune 100 ml Cherry & Elderberry Syrup

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Product description:

  • Ronamune syrup is natural active substances boost efficiently and effectively immunity of the body against bacterial and viral infections.
  • Ronamune syrup accelerates recovery from infections which is special combination of beta-glucan 1200 mg and lactoferrin 350 mg.
  • Ronamune syrup supports immunity during frequent and repetitive infectious diseases and frequent use of antibiotics.
  • Ronamune syrup confirmed to have beneficial effects against common cold and respiratory symptoms and reducing susceptibility to infections.

How to use:

  • Long-term use: 1 ml syrup per 5 kg body weight once a day.
  • During the time of body infection or recovery: 1 ml per 5 kg body weight twice a day.(roughly 5 ml of ronamune syrup once or twice daily)
  • Adult : 15 ml of Ronamune syrup once or twice daily.
  • Best start taking the product about a month before the period of increased incidence of infection and continue to take it throughout that time. 
  • The recommended duration of administration 3 month.

Caution & warnings:

  • No any side effects 
  • Suitable for people with diabetes or coeliac disease.


Nutritional Facts


per 100 ml


129 kcal/540 kj


30 g

Fat0.0 g
Fructose30 g
Beta glucan1200 mg
Lactoferrin350 mg
Natural cherry flavour250 mg
Trisodium citarte dihydrate200 mg
Xanthan gum160 mg
Potassium sorbate133 mg
Citric acid anhydrate120 mg
Sodium benzoate117 mg
Natural eldeberry flavour100 mg
Sucralose14 mg
Sodium seleniate pentahydrate0.92 mg
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  • Manufacturer: 215755
  • Product form: 155782
  • Ingredients: 158962
  • Product function: 199125,199101