Skin care routine for your 30s

Aging signs start to show up mostly in the 30s due to skin dryness, the slowing down of metabolism accompanied by cells renewal and collagen production deficiencies which is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Moreover, during this age, the intensity of facial expressions may cause what is known as facial expressions wrinkles. To prevent such wrinkles to become deep as the time passes dermatologists advice to use antiaging cream at night in addition to the use of the daily normal cream. In the case, such wrinkles already exist antiaging cream should be used day and night to keep on fighting aging syndrome.

To maintain the health of the skin despite the exhaustion and tiredness that it suffers from during the 30s the following steps:

Skin cleansing: It is considered one of the main factors for maintaining skin health by preventing germs accumulation within the spores. Facial wash cosmetics should be rich in vitamins to supplement any deficiencies due to aging.

The diet system: It should contain a variety of vegetables wither in the form of salad or cooked on steam. Lots of fruits should be consumed especially those which are rich in vitamin C.

The Diet System

Drinking water: Skin experts advise to keep the skin hydrated by drinking at least 1.5 liters of water in addition to drinking fruit juices rich in vitamins and minerals that the skin needs to aid cells renewal and to maintain its vitality.

Evening skincare: Maintain skin cells cohesion by using ceramide creams.

Sleeping: Get enough continuous sleep not less than 8 hours per day.

Skin exfoliating: It is advised to use a facial wash with exfoliating effect once per week during this age.

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