Skin care routine for your 40s

The 40s is the maturity age during which the skin needs extra care to stay youthful and supple. But even if it was neglected for some time and started to look older you should have no worries as dermatologists such as Dr. Zeichner say "It's like getting your body into shape: Just because you haven't exercised before doesn't mean you can't start now and see great results,". So if you can transform your entire body with exercise and healthy diet system you can certainly rejuvenate your skin. Thus, to do this you need to be committed to adopting the following steps:

Cleansing: You need to wash your face with a cleanser that makes it more like a sponge to better absorb the anti-aging products. But first, the cleanser must be suitable for your skin type. So if your skin type is dry skin, then you need to choose a cleanser designed for dry skin and capable of hydrating the skin. If your skin is greasy skin then you need a foaming cleanser that can remove the excess oils. Experts such as Dr. Ronald Moy recommends cleansers with alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs if the skin is not too sensitive as it is found very effective in optimizing the skin to become a sponge for absorbing the antiaging products that are applied after the wash.

Moisturizing: Care must be taken to moisturize the skin regularly using a moisturizing cream that contains Fruits’ acids to fight wrinkles. Also, a special cream should be used to treat the area around the eye at night and during the day it is preferred to use skin firming cream.

Applying Serums: Using face serums that contain antioxidants and rich in vitamins C and E during the day. At night, use a serum with retinol (a potent derivative of vitamin A) to speed up cell turnover and to prevent the collagen from breaking down, and also to stimulate new growth of the skin-firming protein. It is also recommended to use Argan at night if you have dry skin.

Sun blocker: Wearing sunscreen on a daily basis is the best thing to do to prevent sun rays damaging the skin and to maintain a younger look of the skin. Therefore you need to choose a moisturizer that offers broad-spectrum protection including UVA and UVB rays, with an SPF of at least 30.

The diet system: Following a healthy diet system rich in hydrating whole foods and probiotics to prevent inflammation from the inside out. Also, avoid what causes inflammation and bad gut bacteria such as junk food high in sugar and chemical additives. Inflammation has a devastating effect on the structure of the skin from the inside out. Hence, your diet system in your 40s must include Greek yogurt which considered to be the best source of probiotics, Almonds which is high in vitamin E and healthy fats, Blueberry quality and value for money antioxidant, Kale which is rich in vitamin A to fight wrinkles.

Medical consultation: Visiting dermatologist is very essential in the 40s. Although daily skin care can treat most skin problems, they can’t repair more complex problems. The skin is prone to diseases that require the dermatologist consultation and special treatment Exfoliation: Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis as per the instructions of the dermatologist.

Removing makeup: Avoid putting makeup as much as possible and in case it is used do not leave it for too long and remove it gently with makeup remover that contains fruits acid then apply the moisturizer.

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