Staloral Moulds Maintenance (Refrigerator)

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Product Description:

  • Staloral® is a sublingual solution of allergen extract, it addresses the underlying cause of allergy.
  • Staloral® is indicated in the treatment of IgE-mediated Allergic Rhinitis & Allergic Asthma with or without conjunctivitis in adults, adolescents, and children (above the age of 5) with clinically relevant symptoms, confirmed by a positive Skin Prick Test or Blood specific IgE test.

Box Contents:

  • 2 vials of 100 IR/ml (Red vials).


  • Type I allergies (Gell and Coombs classification) mainly involving rhinitis, conjunctivitis, rhino conjunctivitis or asthma (mild to moderate) of a seasonal or perennial nature, in children, adolescents and adults.

Product Information:

  • 10 ml vials with a 100 μg dosing pump specifically developed for sublingual administration.
  • Staloral® offers a variety of dose escalation schedules (slow, standard and ultra-rush), with vials from 10 to 300 ir/ml supplied with dosing pumps.
  • recommended treatment duration is 3 years.

How To Use:

  • The solution is to be placed under the tongue for 2 minutes then swallowed, for build-up phase and dose escalation procedure.
  • Please refer to your doctor’s instructions.

Warnings & Precautions:

  • For patients requiring SLIT, symptoms must be controlled prior to therapy by means of suitable treatment where necessary.
  • Standard symptomatic treatment (corticosteroids, beta-2-mimetics, histamine H1 antagonists) should be available for patients for whom sublingual administration of allergens has been prescribed.


  • Allergen Extract of Alternaria.
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  • Manufacturer: Staloral
  • Product form: sublingual solution
  • Ingredients: Allergen Extract
  • Product function: Anti-Allergic, Anti-Allergic Rhinitis