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Steviana-Sweetner Sticks 25 Sticks

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Product Description:

  • Steviana is the best choice for use in hot and cold beverages,
  • it tastes the same as normal sugar without the calories or a bitter after taste,
  • It is ideal for diabetics and in weight management.
  • Steviana is a sweetener derived from Stevia Rebaudiana, a sweet tasting herb that has many health benefits and zero calories.
  • These alternate sugar substitutes are manufactured from plant extracts.
  • There is always an alternative for sugar to add sweetness to your dish, & that alternative to your food is this Steviana sweetener sticks.
  • Steviana sweetner is mixture of stevia leaves extract, Acesulfate Pottasium, Sucralose.
  • This product is Ideal for individuals on a keto diet.
  • This sweetener stick can be used for hot beverages, cold beverages, & also to just add a certain sweetness into any dish of your choice.

Product Features:

“Free From” Information:

Preservative Free
Preservative Free
Sugar Free
  • This pack of sweetener sticks contains Stevia Rebiudiana, which is one of the best sweetener herbs
  • Sweetened herb with many health benefits
  • This sweetener is apt for hot beverages, cold beverages, baking, and any dish, that requires sweetness
  • Steviana Sweetener contains steviana leaves extract that is regarded as having no calories
  • No bitter after taste
  • This sweetener stick also acts as an aid for weight-loss stimulation
  • Steviana does not trigger a rise in blood and sugar level 
  • This is a non-toxic product
  • Steviana is rich in nutrients and contains a substantial amount of calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and various other properties
  • Ideal for keto diet 
  • This sweetener does not contain any preservatives
  • Using this sweetener helps increase metabolism

How to use:

  • Simply cut open one Steviana Sweetener Stick and add to your desired beverage or food. Stir it well for a beverage and mix it well if added to a dish
  • One stick is enough for a single person’s consumption
  • Use it regularly for the best results

Caution & Warnings:

  • Always check for the expiry date before purchasing the product
  • Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients
  • Do not consume in excess proportion
  • Store in a cool and dry environment
  • This is not medicine, so continue using the guidance of your doctor


  • Stevia leaves extract, Acesulfate Pottasium, Sucralose, sodium, magnesium,
  • zinc, rutin, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and over 100 phytonutrients.

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  • Manufacturer: Steviana
  • Product form: Sachets
  • Ingredients: Stevia