TFY T&T Toddler Flatware (fork/spoon/knife) 16 Pcs

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Product Description:

Just to make the process of feeding toddlers a tad bit easier and safe too – we have TFY T&T Toddler Flatware (fork/spoon/knife) 16 Pcs. These forks, knives, and spoons can easily be passed off as affordable, and even though they look disposable, they come to excellent use. It is extremely durable in its tenacity and can be used again and again. The rounded corners of the spoon and soft edges of the forks make it easier for cutting the food of a toddler and feeding them without much effort. Scooping of food and eating is made much easier and fun too for the toddlers as these flatwares serve all these purposes effectively. This is a whole new eating experience and the forks and spoons can be cleaned and used inside microwaves and dishwashers as well. One need not worry that the flatware might break or get ruined if they use these in their electronic kitchen wares. The gripping of these flatwares are also textured, which makes it easier for them to get a grip of it as they are cutting their food and putting it in their mouth. Overall, it is a very responsible way of feeding your toddlers and making them learn to use this flatware as well for a wholesome eating experience.

They are extremely durable which makes these flatwares a responsible purchase.

They are also extremely affordable, so in case you do want to replace them, it is not going to cost you a lot.

Due to the rounded tines of the forks and spoon-like shapes in the design – self-feeding is made extremely easy for the toddlers.

The fist like holding of these flatwares is made to be even easier because of the textured fabrics of its grip, which makes it much easier for the gripping and proper holding of the spoon and fork while eating.

Spoons have a wide circular base, which makes picking up or scooping up the food much easier.

It is extremely safe to wash these flatwares in the dishwasher or put them in the microwave along with the food for eating

How to use:

Use the spoons for scooping up of the food.

Use the forks and knives for cutting and piercing of certain food items.

Make sure your child's grip on the handle of the spoons and forks is strong enough so that it does not slip off.

Caution & Warnings:

Do not enter the entire flatware inside your child's mouth

Use the right flatware for the right food

These flatwares are only meant for eating purposes and for toddlers

Adults should not use it

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  • Manufacturer: T&T
  • Product form: Plates and Sets
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