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Tyra Tablet 20 Mg Film Coated 4 Tab

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Product Description:

  • Tyra 20 mg is a treatment for adult men with erectile dysfunction.
  • This is when a man cannot get, or keep a hard, erect penis suitable for sexual activity.
  • Tyra has been shown to significantly improve the ability to obtain a hard erect penis suitable for sexual activity.
  • Tyra works by helping the blood vessels in your penis to relax, allowing the flow of blood into your penis.
  • The result of this is improved erectile function.
  • It is important to note that Tyra does not work if there is no sexual stimulation. 

How to use:

  • The recommended dose is one tablet at least 30 minutes before sexual activity once a day.

Caution & Warnings:

Do not take Tyra

  • If you are allergic to tadalafil or any of the other ingredients of Tyra.
  • If you are taking any form of organic nitrate or nitric oxide donors such as amyl nitrite. This is a group of medicines (“nitrates”) used in the treatment of angina pectoris (“chest pain”). 
  • If you have serious heart disease or have had a recent heart attack within the last 90 days.
  • If you have had a recent stroke within the last 6 months.
  • If you have low blood pressure or uncontrolled high blood pressure.
  • If you have ever had a loss of vision because of non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (NAION), a condition described as “stroke of the eye”.

Take special care with Tyra

  • Any heart problem other than your pulmonary hypertension.
  • Problems with your blood pressure.
  • Any hereditary eye disease.
  • You have sickle cell anaemia (an abnormality of red blood cells).
  • You have multiple myeloma (cancer of the bone marrow).
  • You have leukaemia (cancer of the blood cells).
  • You have any deformation of your penis.
  • You have a serious liver problem.
  • You have a severe kidney problem.


  • Tadalafil 20 mg.
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  • Manufacturer: Tyra
  • Product form: Tablets
  • Ingredients: Tadalafil
  • Product function: Erectile Dysfunction