Velveta Hair Removal Cream Sensitive Skin 100Ml

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Product Description:

  • Hair removal cream is one of the best alternatives for waxing and shaving. 
  • By using such cream| you can escape the painful| messy| and time-consuming process of waxing. 
  • Unlike shaving| using hair removal cream does not come with the risk of accidentally cutting yourself| furthermore| you won’t have to deal with your hair growing back all prickly and stubbly as it does when you shave with a razor. 
  • It is the perfect product for hair removal as it overcomes the shortcomings of the other methods of hair removal. 


Product Benefits:

Lasts For 7 Days

Softer Hair Growth

Works Even On Short Hairs

Dermatologically Tested

Fresher Scent

  • The product contains 100 ml of hair removal cream
  • The product has been formulated with Aloe Vera specifically for people with sensitive skin
  • The product contains hair removal cream and one scraper 
  • The product can be used on body hair of afny length. It is effective even on short hair
  • The cream provides long-lasting results 
  • The product can be used more than once

How To Use:

  • Apply an even layer of the Velveta hair removal cream on the desired area of the body.Do not rub the cream into the skin.
  • The cream should be applied in the direction of hair growth

  • Leave the cream on for a couple of minutes (as per instructed on the box).
  • Do not leave on for longer than instructed 

  • Use the scraper to scrape away the cream from your skin.
  • You will notice that the hair will be removed along with the cream as it is scraped.

  • Wash away any remaining cream and apply a moisturizer on the skin for soothing and hydrating purposes

Good To Know:

1. May I use it for longer than 6 minutes?

  • No| do not exceed 6 minutes of total application time.

2. Is it safe for my skin?

  • Yes| as long as you follow the instructions of use.

3. May I use it on the whole body?

  • No| the cream is suitable for legs| arms| underarms and bikini line. 
  • The product is not suitable for use on other body parts| including: head| face| nose| brows or lashes.

4. May I use it every day?

  • Always leave 72 hours between hair removal sessions.

5. Should I test it before use?

  • Yes| test the cream before the first use on a small part of your body to check your skin's reaction.
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  • Manufacturer: Velveta
  • Product form: Hair Removal Cream