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Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 Anti-Hair Fall Treatment for Women x21 Doses 6ml

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Product Description:

  • Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 Women 21 Monodoses is a treating care anti-hair loss which acts in 5 targeted actions on the hair. 
  • It is ideal for the women whose hair loss is recurrent or installed.

  • 3 Questions to our dermatologists:


    • We lose naturally about 50 to 100 hair each day ,Beyond 100 hair lost every day we can talk about alopecia,It means that scalp is visible.


    • Alopecia may be sudden or chronic, localized or diffused. 
    • The main causes are hormonal, immunologic, medications (chemo) or due to a lack of nutrients. Stress, tiredness, emotional event, unbalanced diets, UV exposal, pollution are many internal and external factors that can be involved in hair loss.


    • First, it is important to diagnose the underlying cause of alopecia or hair loss
    • When this has been adressed, hair growth can be stimulated by anti-hair loss products on top of using a gentle hair care.

    Product Benefits:

    • This anti-hair loss care is a real innovation as it is formulated based of a Aminexil Clinical 5 Complex which is an exclusive association of Aminexil, reference anti-hair loss molecule with proven clinical efficacy and with 5 active ingredients : Arginine, SP94, Vitamins PP/B6, Octeine and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water.
    • This care increases effectively the scalp resistance but also the resistance of the hair, it is thicker and more resistant.
    • Hypoallergenic. Product tested on sensitive scalp.
    • Dercos Aminexi Pro ampoules are dedicated for all women who struggle with thinning hair. 
    • The treatment consists of 21 vials. You can use them every day for three weeks or – if your hair is not damaged and over-processed – three times a week. 
    Priorin Liquid

    How To Use:

    • He producer recommends a 21-day treatment (with daily application) or a 6-week treatment if you use it less often.
    • Intensive treatment : 1 monodose per day for 6 weeks. Can be applied on dry or wet hair.
    • Upkeep care treatment : 3 mondoses per week.
    • You attach an applicator to a vial. 
    • You start applying the ampoule at the roots. 
    • The round end of the applicator is supposed to make the massage of the scalp easier. 
    • The massage is a great idea because it stimulates blood flow and facilitates the absorption of active ingredients.

    Anti Hair Loss Protocol :


    Vichy Dercos Aminexil Clinical 5 Anti Hair Loss Women 21x6 ml

    • Anti-hair loss coating fibre with aminexil.
    • For intensive care used for 3 months cure with 1dose/day
    • For maintenance cure with 3 doses/week


    Vichy Shampoo Dercos Energizing Anti Hair Loss 200 ml

    • Anti-hair loss coating fibre with aminexil.
    • enriched with vitamins that gives vitality and vigour to hair.
    • Formulated with niacinamide and panthenol to protect and fortify.
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  • Manufacturer: Vichy
  • Product form: Gel
  • Product function: Anti-Hair-loss