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Wadi Alnahl

Wadi Alnahl Tea Green Tea With Ginger 30 Sachets

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Product Description:

  • This Green Tea comes with the benefits of Ginger that add a flavorful touch to your daily cup of tea. This Green tea from Wadi-Alnahil is perfectly safe for everyday use and comes in an easy-to-use sachets.
  • It comes with a blend of 100% natural ingredients that give you freshness to relax and rejuvenate. Ginger is an herb that contains a variety of biological properties, including anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, and rich anti-oxidation properties.
  • The ingredients in this tea help contain high anti-oxidants and help to fight off flu and cold symptoms. Green tea eliminates free radicals from our system, while Ginger helps improving immunity. Regular usage of this tea will not only help in weight loss but also provides a healthy and fit body.
  • Wadi-Alnahil has expertly developed this high-quality natural Green Tea with Ginger to keep up with your lifestyle choices. For best results, have this tea with a healthy, nutritious diet and regular exercise, and you will be able to achieve your goal body in no time.

Product Features:

Detox and cleanse:

  • Continuous use of this green tea helps reduce belly fat and detoxing your system. You can add this tea with a fiber-rich, nutritious diet and regular exercise to achieve weight loss while keeping a fit and healthy body. Green tea also helps reduce bloating in the stomach and is excellent for quick absorption. It helps wipe out toxins from the body and helps fight free radicals.

Great taste:

  • This tea with Ginger has a bit strong and aromatic flavor and tastes really good when consumed hot. Tastes best when consumed without milk.

Weight loss properties:

  • This Green Tea with Ginger is like an herbal detox tea for the skin, and it comes with multiple benefits like glowing skin, slender body when used regularly. This tea is a rich blend of herbal ingredients that has high anti-oxidants and anti-microbial properties.

Good for stomach health:

  • This tea is purely herbal and contains Ginger that is good for overall health. Ginger Ginger helps improving immunity and aids the digestion process.

Vegan friendly:

  • This Tea with Ginger is made using only natural ingredients and is vegetarian. It is perfect for people with a vegan free diet and active lifestyle.

How to use:

  • This Ginger Green Tea is ideal for having in the morning, late afternoon, or before bed.
  • To make hot Tea, put one tea bag in a cup, then pour hot water and leave it for 3~4 minutes. Have while it is warm.
  • Use sugar or honey to add a sweet flavor.
  • Keep the teabag inside the cup even while drinking in order to get a higher concentration of the tea mixture.
  • As it contains Ginger, it is perfect to have in winters.
  • You can add cinnamon or lemon to enhance the flavor.
  • Use it regularly for the best results.

Caution & Warnings:

  • Always keep the pack at a cool and dry place.
  • The product packaging may vary from the image.
  • Please do not rely merely on the information provided above.
  • It contains caffeine.
  • Please always read the labels, warning, and directions provided before using or consuming the product to avoid any allergies.
  • Always keep the top closed after use.
  • Not intended to the use for small children or babies.
  • Do not use the pack past its expiry date.


  • Green Tea leaves with ginger extracts.
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