Wrong Beliefs may cause damage to the hair

Wrong habits may cause damage to the hair

Traditionally hairdressing have been done in accordance with certain habits without knowing that such habits might cause damages to your hair.

Here are ten wrong habits damaging the hair you should avoid in the future to protect your hair:

Using wide range of hair cosmetics at the same time: you really do not need a styling cream, hair gel, moisturiser, hydrating lotion, thickening hair spray and hair fixer spray at the same time. Using all of those products at the same time is not a positive indication of your effective hair care. Using such cosmetics together will cause the viscosity of your hair and makes it vulnerable to damages.

Repeated styling sessions using hot iron and the frequent use of electric curl styling tool: This actually expose your hair to high temperature and reduce the strength of hair follicles by 50% and make hair strands weaker and more likely to fall. Also, the frequent use of hot hair ironing will cause the change of its colour and make it go grey earlier than it should. The same also apply to using the electric curl maker tool. Styling the hair while it is still wet: one of the most common mistakes that women do is styling their hair when it is still wet, believing that this will make the styling process easier. In fact the hair is much weaker when it is wet and doing so will cause substantial hair loss.

Hair breakage happening due to wrong dealing: if you have a thick hair and you tried to brush your hair with a tightly-spaced pins brush, you will then cause hair breakage, and allow it to start sneaking deep into your hair. The same thing happen to your hair if you tried to untangle your hair by force or if you brush your hair when it is still wet. If your hair is already suffering from breakage without practicing any of the above wrong habits, then you need to check your diet to make sure you are getting your daily needs of (iron, protein, vitamin C, zinc, and folic acid), or consult your doctor.

Deliberate hair drying: Many of hair cosmetics require in their directions to dry your hair completely by a towel before usage. In fact drying your hair gently by using a towel is very beneficial to increase blood circulation in your scalp cells. However, repeating this for many times may lead to skin dryness and affect hair follicles by leaving them at risk of not obtaining the nutrition they need, which cause damages them and eventually makes them fall.

Hairdressing in reverse order from the bottom up: If you do this every once in while it will have a positive effect on your hair. However, doing this repeatedly as a regular habit eventually would lead to drying up of the scalp and cause micro wounds which makes it weak and damaged and cause hair loss.

Over using a specific product just because it has achieved positive results for your hair: some often girls fall into this error. So that if they like a specific shampoo for showing good results on their hair they tend to use on a daily basis which is completely and utterly wrong to do. You do not need to use the shampoo every day even if you are a fan of washing your hair daily.

Washing the hair with tap water: Tap water, together with the impurities cause hair drought. Therefore, you need to wash your hair with mineral water or filtered water.

Joining the hair too strongly: do not pull your hair and tie it tightly. Avoid doing braids that require pulling down the hair, also avoid doing the ponytail hair style.

Trying new cosmetics without seeking a specialist advice: if you are on the verge of trying a new product then first make sure that it is suitable for your hair type. Do not make your decision alone. You have to consult a specialist first or your trusted hairdresser. Also do not attempt to change your regular shampoo all of a sudden this would cause a shock to your hair that would lead to breakage and damages. Therefore, first, you have to use a conditioner for a week and then start using your new shampoo.