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Xlice Lice And Nits Hygiene Care Spray 110 ml

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Product Description:

Are you worried and suffering due to lice in your head for long, then there is good news for you. Now say goodbye to all these problems with the all-new Xlice Lice And Nits Hygiene Care 110 ml Kit (50% On The Second pcs ). This is one of the best lice treatment products available in the market, which goes deep inside your hair and kills them from the root. It heals your scalp and removes all the itchiness from your head. Each drop contains chemicals from a class of compounds called pyrethrins, which interfere with the lice’s nervous system.

  • The bottle of the product is specially designed to reach the roots of your hair
  • The conical tube-like structure is highly effective and secretes the liquid effectively all over your scalp
  • It can be used by men, women, and even children and for every type of hair
  • It has very fast action as you notice the results within 45 minutes of applying on your hair
  • Apart from being fast, it is also long-lasting
  • The clinically tested lotion kills the lice, and even the eggs, thus preventing it from spreading.
  • The added medicinal values also repair your hair, scalp, roots apart from removing the lice
  • Removes itchiness and irritation
  • Upon each application, you get a cool, dry, smooth, and moisturized scalp

Product Features:

  • Lotion for the eradication of lice & nits from the 1st use only in 45 min
  • Free from the insecticide.
  • Prevention of lice and nits
  • Safe in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and children with chest or asthma allergies.

How to use:

Lice are annoying and unpleasant and if not taken proper care, it can damage your scalp and hair. With proper treatment with a product such as Xlice, you can easily get rid of them. So why suffer? Follow the following simple steps-
  • First, carefully break the tamper-evident seal on the tube
  • Before applying it, ensure that your head and scalp are dry. If not, use a hair dryer or use a towel
  • Once it is dry, start applying the lotion directly on your dry hair and scalp
  • Completely cover your scalp
  • Start by applying on the hair closest to the scalp first and then apply outwards toward the end of the hair
  • Be sure to coat your entire hair till the tip, so that all the eggs and lice come in contact with the lotion
  • Then allow it to stay in your head for a few minutes
  • Now rinse your hair with running water
  • Use clean lice comb or sometimes called nit comb, and comb your hair by partitioning it
  • Wipe off the comb and repeat for 2-3 times
  • Thus, your hair and scalp are lice free now
  • Perform this once in every week for better results

Caution & Warnings:

  • The product is for external use only
  • Avoid using if a burning sensation occurs after applying
  • Store in a cool and dry place
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  • Manufacturer: Xlice
  • Product form: Spray
  • Product function: Anti-Lice