About Nahdi

With its headquarters in Jeddah, Nahdi Medical Company is a leading chain of Saudi retail pharmacy. It manages and operates a nationwide network in 125 cities and villages across the Kingdom, which makes it one of the most prevalent and the fastest growing companies in the region.

As per our company’s firm belief in being a “community pharmacy”, Nahdi Medical Company doesn’t solely serve the community by its products, but it also educates the society through various health awareness programs and prevention campaigns. The company uses its extensive local knowledge and network to invest in the development of the Saudi community.

Our Values


We are honest, and we do what is right, within the company, with our Guests, and with the entire Community. We want to do well, by doing right.

Number of employees whom work in Nahdi Medical Company

Leading With Purpose

We aim to lead and innovate, while being genuine in our actions and remaining true to our Mission.


We care for our Guests, and we are committed to going the extra mile for them every day.


We work with high efficiency and discipline across the entire value chain, and we aim to be Best in Class in all what we do.


We work in harmony among ourselves, with our business partners and the entire Community, for mutual success.

Our Logo

As a remarkable brand, Nahdi expresses the idea of care and protection of every individual and the entire community. At the center of our trademark, there’s a white heart, which represents purity and health. This white heart is further protected by a heart shaped shield made up of multiple colors — This colorful shield represents the various divisions of the Nahdi network which performs as one to safeguard the heart within.

The white heart represents the pure community, which is covered and protected by various diseases. The colorful shield represents the pharmacies, services and products that we offer to the community.

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