Beurer Hearing Amplifier HA20

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Product Description:

People suffering from restricted hearing ability receive optimum support with our hearing amplifier. It can be individually adjusted to the ear canal. It amplifies the volume of all sounds indoors and outdoors.

  • Individual adjustment to the ear canal
  • Ideal for restricted hearing ability
  • Ergonomic fit behind the ear
  • Amplifies the volume of all sounds indoors and outdoors
  • 3 attachments to individually adjust to the ear canal
  • Frequency range: 200 to 5000 Hz
  • Amplification: max. 40 dB
  • Maximum volume of 128 dB
  • Medical device
  • The hearing amplifier is a device to help people hear better. It does this by
    amplifying sounds and then transmitting these to the ear.
  • The hearing amplifier can neither prevent nor alleviate organically caused hearing loss.
    The hearing amplifier offers you a variety of applications.
  • Regardless of whether you want to watch a film, chat with friends, or just feel like listening
    to the sounds of nature in the woods, the hearing amplifier helps you to hear
    sounds louder and more clearly.

How To Use:

  • Bring the hearing amplifier up to your ear as shown. Slowly
    insert the earplug into your ear canal applying no force.
    Make sure not to insert the earplug too deeply into the ear
    canal. If the earplug is not properly in place or feels uncomfortable, try a different earplug.
  • Move the On/Off switch to “I” to switch on the hearing amplifier. Use the volume control to adjust the volume to the desired level so
    that you can hear sounds clearly and distinctly.
  • If you hear a slight whistling sound when wearing the hearing amplifier, check that your earplug is fitted properly in your ear. If it is not
    snug enough, use a different earplug.
  • The hearing amplifier does not heal an existing hearing impairment,
    but it does improve hearing and speech understanding.

Caution & Warnings:

  • You must have your hearing checked by a doctor or qualified hearing care
    professional before using the hearing amplifier. The settings of the hearing
    amplifier should only be adjusted by a trained expert, for example an ENT
    specialist, an audiologist or a qualified hearing aid retailer.
  • In the event of an existing or previous ear problem, you should consult
    your doctor before using the hearing amplifier.
  • The device must NOT be used for patients suffering from an ear inflammation or infection.
  • Do NOT use the hearing amplifier if you are suffering from an inflammation
    of the middle ear or ear canal.
  • If you feel unwell or experience pain when wearing the hearing amplifier,
    stop using it immediately and contact your doctor.
  • If your ear becomes inflamed or your skin irritated or you experience an increased accumulation of ear wax when wearing the hearing amplifier, stop
    using it immediately and contact your doctor.
  • Stop using the hearing amplifier and seek medical attention if the following
  • Rash or eczema on areas of skin that come into contact with the hearing
    amplifier. (The hearing amplifier is made from a material that is kind to the
    skin. In rare cases, however, allergic reactions may occur that appear in
    the form of eczema.)
  • Use of the hearing amplifier results in discharge from the ear and/or necessitates ear treatment.
  • Sudden, significant decrease in hearing ability.
  • If parts of the hearing amplifier become stuck in the ear, seek medial attention immediately. Do not attempt to remove the parts yourself.
  • At first, set the volume to a low setting and increase it gradually once you
    have become accustomed to the hearing amplifier.
  • Do NOT set the volume control too high, as this may cause further damage
    to hearing over an extended period of time. This is particularly important to
    note, as the device achieves a high output power.
  • Do NOT lend your hearing amplifier to others or use the hearing amplifiers
    of others, as there is a risk of hearing damage and infection.
  • Do NOT pass on your hearing amplifier for use by other persons. The use
    of a hearing amplifier that was designed for someone else may cause
    hearing damage.
  • The hearing amplifier is NOT suitable for use for small children below the
    age of 36 months.
  • It is particularly difficult to diagnose hearing problems in children. Children
    should only be provided with a hearing amplifier following a thorough inspection by an ENT specialist.
  • Keep the hearing amplifier, the accessories and the batteries away from
    children, as there is a risk of injury and choking.
  • This device is NOT intended for use by people (including children) with restricted physical, sensory or mental skills or a lack of experience and/or
    a lack of knowledge, unless they are supervised by a person who has responsibility for their safety or they receive instructions from this person
    on how to use the device. Supervise children around the device to ensure
    they do not play with it.
  • Do NOT use the hearing amplifier in potentially explosive and hazardous
  • Do NOT use the device in oxygen-rich environments and over an extended
    period of time.
  • Please contact the manufacturer in the event of the following:
  • if you require assistance in the set-up, use or maintenance of the hearing
    amplifier; or
  • if the device behaves unexpectedly during operation or otherwise.
  • If you have any doubts, do NOT use a damaged hearing amplifier; contact
    your retailer or the specified Customer Services address.
    Switch the device off immediately if it is faulty or not working properly.
    Do not attempt to open and/or repair the hearing amplifier yourself. Repairs may only be carried out by Customer Services or authorised retailers.
    Failure to comply will result in voiding of the warranty.
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  • Manufacturer: 207820