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Nahdi Online
What is the Nahdi Online Store?
Nahdi Online Store is a website, where customers can buy medicine and a variety of other products that don’t need prescription, which are available at Nahdi pharmacies.
What is the “Click & Collect” service?
The “Click & Collect” service enables customers to buy products from the Nahdi Online Store, select a payment method (online or pay at the pharmacy when picking up the products) and select the pharmacy to pick up the products.
How can I pick up my order from the pharmacy after placing my order online? And What documents should I bring with me at the time of my order pick up?
You will receive an email and SMS as soon as your products are ready for pickup. Bring the order reference number sent in the text message with you at the time of collection. If someone other than you will pick up the products, he/she must bring the order reference number with them to pick up the products. Please note that the pharmacy does not accept any responsibility, if the customers share their order reference number with others
Why was my order cancelled?
Your order was cancelled for one or more of the following reasons:  Items you ordered are not available in the pharmacy  Technical failure.  You cancelled the order yourself.  More than 24 hours have passed without collecting the order. (In case of cash on delivery)  More than 2 days have passed without collecting the order. (In case of paying online)
What should I do if I receive an incomplete product?
This could be due to one of the following reasons: Sometimes certain products might be available online, but not in the pharmacy. In such a case, we only cancel products that are not available and send you an SMS mentioning that your order is ready, but some products are not available. We also send you an email containing all the relevant details. After checking your email, if you are sure that no product was removed from your order and you ordered all your required products, but some products are missing, please contact our guest care center via email customercare@nahdi.sa Before calling us, please check your email to make sure that all the products were ordered. Your order list will include all the products you ordered. Payment will be made only for the pick up products and you will earn Nuhdeek points accordingly.
How long will my products be held at the pharmacy?
Your products will be held in the pharmacy for 24 hours if the order is cash on delivery or 2 days if paid online. The order will be cancelled, if the products are not picked up within the scheduled time.
Where can I find information about Nahdi services?
Nahdi pharmacies offer the following services: Dispensing prescriptions. Educational, health clinics. Tips and advice from health and beauty experts. You can find more information about Nahdi pharmacies at www.nahdi.sa
How can I find information about Nahdi pharmacies location and working hours ?
You can find information about any Nahdi pharmacy, including location and working hours by clicking on the following link: https://www.nahdionline.com/en/stores  Each Nahdi pharmacy has different working hours. That’s why, we advise our customers to use the “Pharmacy Locator” option on Nahdi website to find about specific pharmacy. Please note that you should click on the details of a specific pharmacy to know its working hours.
When will the products be available in stock?
We regularly deliver shipments to our pharmacies. Products are often available in the pharmacies within a week. Please check the website regularly. When products are available, the icon “Add to Shopping Cart” will be displayed next to the product. If you add a product to your shopping cart and it becomes not available, you won’t be able to complete your order until you remove the specific product. If a product becomes out of stock after you add it to the shopping cart, you won’t be able to complete your order until you remove it. If it was ordered already and gets out of stock, you will be notified through an SMS about the non-availability and more details will follow in an email. If a product is out of stock, you won’t be able to order it.
How do I see my previous shopping cart?
You can see your previous shopping cart from the account details page on the website, which shows all the details of your purchases.
Return, Exchange and Offers Policy
How can I return products either purchased from the store or via Nahdi Online Store?
If the product does not match your order or you need to return or exchange the online purchased items, please visit any Nahdi pharmacy with the purchase receipt within 14 days from the date of purchase. Global Products are imported, and they cannot be returned on demand. If the received products are damaged or not matching the order, please contact our guest care center (920024673) for a refund.
What is the Express product return policy?
visit Nahdi pharmacy with the purchase receipt within 14 days from the date of purchase. Used or damaged items cannot be returned or exchanged. Returns are not allowed for insurance purchases. You can return what you have purchased under the following conditions: If the order is cancelled before delivery, full amount charges along with any delivery fees applied will be refunded and will be automatically transferred to your card and will reflect within 7-14 business days. No refund for delivery fees will be made for returned items. Because the service has been used. Purchase invoice is necessary for return services, within 14 days from the date of purchase. Items must be in their original condition unchanged (such as color change or damages). In the case of returning offer items: the entire range of offer must be returned in its value at the time of the offer. Cases where product returns are not accepted: If the barcode is removed or cleared (for pharmaceuticals only). Items that require special storage conditions such as refrigerator medicines and baby food. Products supplied by health insurance. Maternity clothing for public health purposes.
What are the terms and conditions for buying items subject to offers?
In free gift offers and packages, the lowest priced item is offered free of charge. Wholesale purchases are not allowed, and Nahdi Medical Company has the right to determine the amount of products allowed for a single purchase. Some of the items offered and free gifts are available in selected pharmacies and the offer is valid until the quantity runs out. If there is more than one offer on the same product, only one offer is applied. In case of returning 1+1 or 2+1 items, or discount on the second piece returns, the whole set of products must be returned.