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Oral-B Oxyjet Irrigation + Pro 2000 Toothbrush

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Product Description:

  • Discover the next level of oral care innovation with the Oral-B Oral Health Center Toothbrush.
  • It is a dental kit recommended by professionals that consist of an Oral-B oxyjet cleaning system and Oral-B PRO 2000 electric toothbrush.
  • It provides a superior cleaning, gum care, more whitening, and fresh breath.
  • It combines superior brushing performance and the comfort of an irrigator for a deep and precise clean, gentle gum massage as well as an incomparable freshness preventing bacterial plaque development.
  • The oral care health center oxyjet cleaning stream and pro 3000 is compatible with a wide range of Oral-B electric toothbrush heads so you can get the clean you need, every time.
  • Oral-B Oral Health Center is a dental kit that consists of an Oral-B OxyJet Cleaning System and Oral-B PRO 2000 rechargeable toothbrush powered by Braun.
  • This oral care system has been inspired by professionals and provides a superior cleaning, gum care, more whitening, and fresh breath.

Product Features:

  • Contains Oral-B Oxyjet cleaning system and Oral-B PRO 2000 electric toothbrush
  • Enhanced 3D cleaning system with oscillating and pulsating motion
  • Features adjustable gear and pressure sensor
  • Rechargeable with Flexi soft bristles
  • Prevents bacterial plaque development
  • Delivers gentle gum massage as well as an incomparable freshness

This Box Contains:

  • 1 x Oral-B Oxyjet cleaning system
  • 1 x Electric toothbrush
  • 4 x Oxyjet shoe parts
  • 2 x Toothbrush heads
  • 1 x Charging base

Product  Specifications :

  • Brand: Oral-B
  • Type: Electric Toothbrush
  • Toothbrush Movement: Multiple
  • Irrigator: Yes
  • Number of Cleaning Modes : 3
  • Pump type: Automatic
  • Power source: Battery
  • Battery Type: Built-in
  • Charging base: Y
  • Rechargeable: Y
  • Battery technology: Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Toothbrush type: Rotating-oscillating toothbrush
  • Adjustable speed: Y
  • Integrated timer: Y
  • Teeth brushing modes: Daily care, Gum care, Sensitive
  • Toothbrush frequency (pulsations): 40000 movements per minute
  • Toothbrush frequency (oscillations): 8800 movements per minute
  • Colour of product: Blue, White
  • Charging indicator: Yes
  • Package Dimensions: 22 x 30 x 13 cm
  • Weight: 1.6 KG
How to Use :

  • Wet brush head and apply toothpaste.
  • Place brush in the mouth and turn on.
  • Guide the brush head slowly from tooth to tooth, spending a few seconds on each tooth surface.
  • Start brushing the outsides, and then the insides, and finally the chewing surfaces.
  • Brush all four quadrants of your mouth equally for 30 seconds each.
  • The integrated professional timer will tell you when to change the quadrant.
  • Cleaning your brush: after brushing, rinse your brush head under running water with the handle switched on.
  • Switch off and clean the handle and brush head separately before storing away.

Caution & Warnings:

  • Don't change any part of the product except when changing the battery.
  • Do not insert any object into any opening of the appliance / charging unit.
  • Do not touch the power plug with wet hands, This can cause electric shock.
  • When unplugging, always hold the power plug instead of the cord.
  • Use this product only for its intended use as described.
  • Do not use attachments that are not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for any oral care condition, consult your dental professional prior to use
  • Not intended for use by children under the age of 3 years.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety.
  • In general, we recommend that you keep the appliance out of the reach of children.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance.
  • If the product is dropped, the brush head should be replaced before the next use, even if no damage is visible.
  • Do not place or store the charger where it can fall or be pulled into a tub or sink.
  • Do not place the charger in water or other liquid.
  • Do not reach for a charger that has fallen into the water, Unplug immediately.
  • Do not modify or repair the product, This may cause fire, electric shock, or injury.
  • Consult your seller for repairs or contact an Oral-B Service Centre.
  • Periodically check the cord for damage.
  • If the cord is damaged, take the charging unit to an Oral-B Braun Service Centre.
  • A damaged or non-functioning unit must no longer be used.

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  • Manufacturer: Oral-B
  • Product form: Oxyjet